Protecting a Special Landscape - Please Join Us Here

Welcome to our website. We hope that it will inform you, and encourage you to support our campaign. We were formed in 2015, born out of an immediate threat from Bath & North East Somerset Council (B&NES) to turn the beautiful Bathampton Meadows to the east of Bath into a park and ride site. This threat continues today with even more on the cards from the West of England Transport Vision to 2036. 

Our pledge video below shows you why this location should be protected, not developed. 

Should we need to fund a judicial review then we will launch a specific campaign that builds on the many pledges already received. In the meantime, we continue to fundraise to meet ongoing costs, these include: leaflets and other campaigning materials, expert advice and targeted advertising. Please donate or pledge here 

Key Campaign Messages

• B&NES council plan to spend up to £17.5m creating an 800-1200 space park and ride at Bathampton Meadows
• Although they have stated a preference for Site B at New Leaf Farm, this is by no means secure and if it doesn’t come off, they will progress Site F on the other side of Mill Lane
• This scheme is a huge waste of money. To date £1.1m has been spent and the council has just approved spend of another £0.5m. And they haven’t even done a full business case. All the while, cuts to services happen around our ears. The council will need to borrow millions to make this happen and we can guess who will end up paying for it.
• The 2015 consultation promised to improve congestion and air quality. Even then 51% of people were against it
• The Council now state it won’t improve pollution and their consultants tell them it will only take 100 cars off the London Road in morning rush hour by 2029
• Bath’s park and rides are only 57% full at the busiest time of day – we need Christmas overspill parking instead of a new one.
• The Council say they need this scheme for the future, but if they aren’t well-used today, why will we change our habits in the future?
• In interviews, Tim Warren talks about people needing to get in and out of Bath for work. This doesn’t stack up. Bath’s existing P&R are emptiest when congestion is worst. Only on average 24% full by 9am. If the Council understood why people were on the roads properly (work, school run etc.) then they would have to accept that a new P&R won’t tackle the congestion issues we have.
• 13,000 signed a petition against this desecration
• Chosen sites are Green Belt, World Heritage City setting, floodplain, overlooked by Cotswolds ANOB, tourist attraction & our heritage – even the Romans didn’t build on them

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