Our Aims and Supporters

We care strongly about the City of Bath and the villages on its periphery. Our desire is to achieve a transport infrastructure and high quality of life for all residents, not just those living in one particular location.
We have the following aims: 
1) To protect the Bathampton Meadows from any future development. 
2) To protect the Meadows from any park and ride development – park and rides generate car usage and pollution and aren’t sustainable. 
3) To ensure that our evidence is heard by both the council (B&NES) and the wider community concerning the potential park and ride (and any future) development. 
4) To ensure that as wide an audience as possible understand our messages via petitions, reports, articles, TV coverage, leaflets, letters and social media.

We are not acting alone. The National Trust, Bath Preservation Trust and Campaign for the Preservation of Rural England have all spoken out strongly against the current threat to the Meadows. We are also delighted to be supported by local resident Amy Williams, Olympic Champion, MBE and Freeman of the City of Bath, as well as Piers Taylor, Bath-based award-winning architect and BBC2 presenter.

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