As a campaign we have responded to a range of consultations including the West of England Transport Vision, the B&NES Placemaking Plan and the World Heritage Site Management Plan. 

 West of England Transport Vision to 2036 

 We commented on the West of England Transport Vision to 2036, where regional-level plans threaten to turn Bathampton Meadows into a transport hub. You will find the consultation together with the Bathampton Meadows Alliance response below:

 The consultation and the Transport Vision

 Our response to the West of England Joint Transport Vision Consultation Ending 19th December 2016 

 Our maps to support WoE Transport Consultation Novmeber 2016 

 Bathampton Parish Council Joint Transport Plan Dec 2016 

 Valley Parishes Alliance Response to consultation 

 B&NES Placemaking Plan

 The draft Placemaking Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State to be examined by an independent Planning Inspector in April 2016 and should have contained the site that the Council had selected to progress for a park and ride to the East. As they were not ready to do this, they inserted a generic set of standards that any park and ride application should achieve. Our response to this Plan sets out why there is no proven need for any east of Bath park and ride.
 Hearings with the Planning Inspector were held in the Autumn of 2016 and we attended alongside the Bath Preservation Trust. The Planning Inspector was concerned that the need for a Park & Ride appeared to have been pre-judged, and questioned the deliverability of the Park & Ride during the plan period, without a site having been brought forward. She has given no conclusion as to the soundness of the park and ride policy within the Plan. It is quite misleading to suggest that the Planning Inspector is happy that need has been established and that the Plan presents no obstacle to the selection of a site for a 4th park and ride.
 In January 2017 following these hearings B&NES released their amendments to this plan and there was a consultation on those amendments from 5th January 2017 to 14th February 2017. We are now very concerned that without giving context or explanation, the Council’s amendments to this Plan aim to make developing a park and ride a trade-off rather than a number of hurdles to overcome. As such we have developed our response “Bathampton Meadows Alliance, response to consultation on Main Modifications” to their amendments.

 World Heritage Site Management Plan

 World Heritage Site management plan consultation response from the BMA 

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