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GoFundMe (similar to JustGiving) has been set up to accept donations that can be used to pay for ongoing costs (such as leaflets and other campaigning materials, expert advice and targeted advertising) almost immediately. As you can imagine we will be ramping these things up in the next couple of days and so any financial help with these would be greatly appreciated.

EasyFundraising has been set so that we can receive donations from retailers at no cost to you through you using this site for your internet shopping. There are over 3000 retailers within the EasyFundraising scheme including most household names – so whether it is your weekly food shop or half term holiday booking please look to use this website!


Pledge to support a possible future Judicial Review 





Why Pledge?

Since the public consultation in 2015, the local community has engaged with B&NES to demonstrate that their current plans for an East Park & Ride (P&R) are flawed on many levels. We have shown them that:

  1. More than 12,000 people (of which 4,000 are from central Bath) object to developing on the Meadows and have signed a petition at
  2. Any new P&R will be a costly white elephant – existing P&Rs are only full during occasional and known events, such as the Christmas market, so we don’t need a year-round parking solution. On average existing P&Rs are only 41% full, and only 24% full in the morning when congestion is at its worst. They aren’t a popular option in Bath – spending £12m on another one in cash-strapped times is simply wrong
  3. Pollution levels in central Bath won’t improve as a result of any new P&R, but nitrogen dioxide pollution levels in parts of Batheaston, already high, are likely to be pushed over legal limits as they already are in other parts of Bath
  4. There has been no up-to-date research into car usage in Bath. Until the Council actually asks people why they use their cars at different times of day then we will never find proper lasting solutions to our serious congestion issues

However, despite the strength of the evidence and public feeling against this development, the council marches on with plans to build a P&R on Bathampton Meadows.


What is this pledge?

We don’t need you to give money just yet. Instead we need you to say now how much you would be willing to donate if B&NES insists on carrying on with its plans for the Meadows.

If the Council does decide to press ahead with its plans to build on the Meadows, we’ll be forced to take it to judicial review, to legally challenge the decision. To do that, we need to plan our finances. A judicial review can cost tens of thousands of pounds. That is why we need to know now whether we can count on your support.

Any pledge, however small, would be welcome, although we would ask for a minimum pledge of £5.

If and when the time comes, we will email you to ask you to realise some or all of this pledge to help us challenge the decision. This will be done through a well-established crowd-funding site such as

Naturally if anything has changed and you can only manage a smaller amount that will be fine. Equally, if you find you can give us a bit more that would be fine too!

All personal information and individual pledge amounts will be completely confidential.

Thank you for your support.



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