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Auction of artworks by leading Bath artists to save Bathampton Meadows

Twenty of Bath’s leading artists have agreed to auction some of their works to raise funds for the campaign to save Bathampton Meadows from becoming the site of Bath’s latest Park & Ride. The artists include: Peter Brown, Bob Rudd, Catherine Beale, Steve Hall, Barry Hulme, Jane Riley, Perry Harris, Gary Wood, Clare Day, Chloe Yandell, Sarah Targett, Fifi Charrington, Joanna Cacanas, Teresa Foster, Emma Taylor, Costas Mikellides, Georgina Mersh, Rachel Fixsen, Rachel Ward and Heather Buckley. 

There will be an exhibition of the work for sale on Thursday 15th (10am-5pm) and Friday 16th June (11am-7pm) at Bath Function Rooms above Green Park Brasserie, Green Park Station, BA1 1JB. The auction will be at the same venue at 7.30pm on Friday 16th June.  

For further information about the exhibition or auction, please contact Jane Riley: 01225 858915 or If you have a technical question about the commissioned bid form, please email

Gallery of works to be auctioned
Please browse the works here.

Placing a Bid
If you are unable to attend, but would like to bid for one or more of the works on sale, you can place a bid in advance via the form here. We will confirm receipt. 

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