Letters to the Bath Chronicle

 Peter Wardle – No sound reason for new Park & Ride on Bathampton Meadows, will B&NES Council show wisdom?

 Emma Adams – Bath could learn from Paris when it comes to tackling air pollution

 Peter Wardle – Abbey Ward council by-election showed a political pact is needed in Bath to take on Tories

 Adam Reynolds – What can actually be done to solve traffic problems in Bath

 Paul Bowden – Heavy lorries don’t just vanish into thin air

 B Douglas – Stop wasting time on Bathampton P&R plan

 Hannah Hyam – Building fourth Bath park & ride would be nothing short of vandalism
 Fiona Powell – Who exactly will benefit from new Bath park and rides?

 Cllr Matt Cochrane – Park & Rides in Bath are certainly not under-used

 Peter Wardle – Political arrogance from B&NES to proceed with Park & Rides

 Paul Bowden – Political arrogance from B&NES to proceed with Park & Rides

 Christine Boyd – Why aren’t people heard when it comes to Bath P&R bid like they were in EU referendum?
 Annie Kilvington – Concerns about air quality in Saltford resonated with me

 Stephen Marks – Bathampton Meadows Alliance’s argument looks good to my experience eye
 Fiona Powell – Not one person asked if they’d use an East P&R site in Bath

 Emma Adams – Park & Ride not the answer to congestion problem

 Tony Ambrose – We need some creative solutions to traffic in Bath

 Ian Bell – Only question about park & ride to the east of bath is where it should be sited

 Rory Geldard – Timing of Scrutiny Inquiry Day for Park & Ride car park on Bathampton excludes majority

 David Dixon – East of Bath park and ride money could be better spent

 Peter Wardle – Madness to take away Bathampton Meadows flood sponge

 Hannah Hyam – BBC Question Time showing folly of Bathampton Meadows plan

 Peter Wardle – Happy to support Park and Ride – if I thought it would work

 Paul Dowling – Bathampton Park and Ride protest is fine but what is the alternative
 George Riley – No convincing case made for Park and Ride site on Bathampton Meadows

 Grant Ferrie, JF Warren, Peter Wardle, Tim Buckland – Are park and ride protesters in Bath objecting for the sake of it?

 Dine Romero – Lib Dem leader on Bath and North Somerset Council Dine Romero’s letter to Tim Warren

 Cllr Lisa Brett, Adam Reynolds, Hannah Hyam, PJ Cossins – The debate rages on over controversial Park & Ride plans for Bath

 Paul Bowden – Eastern park and ride in Bathampton Meadows would be devastating

 Pete Wardle – Foggy thinking of park and ride proposal for Bathampton Meadows

 Cllr Geoff Ward – None of the proposed P&R sites are ideal

 Keith Rossiter – It’s a simple choice – tarmac or grass
 John Douglas – Answer lies in four separate locations

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