PR: Response to Cabinet meeting on 25th January

Response by Bathampton Meadows Alliance to decision by B&NES cabinet to build a park and ride on Bathampton Meadows taken on 25th January

“We are very disappointed that reason did not prevail last night, and that the council is pressing ahead with this ill-conceived and hugely costly plan. But we are not surprised, sadly. Several councillors appeared not to have read their own evidence from consultants and official reports that this project will not make any difference to the poor air quality that many people in Bath have to breathe, and will make only a small dent in the chronic problem of traffic in the city.”

“The Cabinet also chose to ignore the huge level of opposition that there is to this across the city. Last night 400 people came out onto the streets to call on councillors not to build this Park & Ride – it was an extraordinary response, young and old from across the city joining together to beg the council not to proceed with this useless act of destruction. The city hasn’t seen a protest like it for many years – and we’ve already had leading figures in Bath contacting us asking what they can do to stop this.”

“Yet again our council has failed us. Cabinet members – with one notable exception, Martin Veal – last night failed to show any demonstrable need for this Park & Ride or any demonstrable benefit. And they chose to turn a deaf ear to the significant evidence that continues to grow, that this Park & Ride will not do what they say it will do and will have lasting negative consequences. We will continue to fight this.”

Campaigner, Christine Boyd On behalf of Bathampton Meadows Alliance contact: m 07800 835 325